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Good Research Guide: For Small-Scale Social Research Project

ISBN/EAN 9780335226863
Druk 6
This bestselling introductory book offers practical and straightforward guidance on the basics of social research, ideal for anyone who needs to conduct small-scale research projects as part of their undergraduate, postgraduate or professional studies. The book provides:* A clear, straightforward introduction to data collection methods and data analysis* Jargon-free coverage of the key issues* Checklists to guide good practiceThe sixth edition has been extensively updated and includes features such as:* A new chapter on the Life Course Perspective * A new chapter on Literature Reviews * New material on the Delphi Technique* An updated and expanded chapter on the analysis of Quantitative Data * New examples and illustrations throughoutThe Good Research Guide, 6th edition is a valuable resource for anyone conducting social research including those in applied areas such as business studies, health studies, nursing, education, social work, policy studies, marketing, media studies and criminology."Denscombe's The Good Research Guide, now in its 6th edition, continues to be one of the leading books in the field. It covers the topics a student or practitioner doing a research project needs to know from project design, theoretical underpinnings of research, data collection and analysis to writing up your research. Its accessible and practical approach means that it is an excellent resource for those new to undertaking independent research."Liam Foster, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Social Work, Sheffield University, UK"Martyn Denscombe's text continues to remain core reading for those undertaking small pieces of research and those who need to gain a firm grounding in the principles of research theory and practice. From deciding on a research approach to the process of writing up, this finely balanced edition offers a comprehensive and detailed guide to the research cycle. Pragmatic, and with the needs of the researcher always in mind, it makes social science research
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