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Graecia capta landscapes of roman greece

Alcock, S.E.
ISBN/EAN 9780521568197
Druk 1
This book explores the impact of the Roman conquest of Greece from the point of view of the majority of Greek provincials. The author traces social and economic developments from approximately 200 BC to AD 200, drawing on a combination of archaeological and historical sources. Archaeology evidence, in particular the new data provided by archaeological surface survey, is especially emphasized. The work is divided into four separate landscapes - rural, civic, provincal, and sacred. This framework allows an exploration of conditions in the countryside, of the organization of the Early Roman city, of the provincial structure of Greece as a whole, and of the repercussions of conquest upon Greek sacred geography. The book does not aim to present a detailed political history, but offers insights into the many changes that accompanied Greeces passage into the Roman imperial sphere. Both ancient historians and classical archaeologists will find this book of value to them.
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