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9781137605795 - English Syntax and Argumentation

English Syntax and Argumentation

Aarts, Bas,
9781137605795 - English Syntax and Argumentation
ISBN/EAN 9781137605795
Druk 5
How can we go about describing the structure of sentences? What do we learn from analysing language in this way? This book examines the nuts and bolts of English syntax in an accessible way. The book starts with a discussion of the basic concepts that underpin the study of syntax, then moves on to more complex issues. Each chapter carefully explains technical terms and uses easy-to-follow examples and hands-on exercises to illuminate key ideas. The fifth edition has been thoroughly revised throughout, and a new chapter on information structuring has been added. From words and phrases to constituency and argumentation, the book's broad coverage and clear organisation make it essential reading for all students of English and linguistics who are encountering the study of syntax for the first time.
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