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9781137610416 - Biology of Psychological Disorders

Biology of Psychological Disorders

Linden, David,
9781137610416 - Biology of Psychological Disorders
ISBN/EAN 9781137610416
Druk 2
This textbook introduces the reader to some of the most common psychological disorders, from schizophrenia, depression and substance abuse to disorders of childhood, adolescence and ageing. Coverage of these disorders is combined with a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of neurobiology and the principles of psychopharmacology that underpin their treatment. Written by Professor of Translational Neuroscience at Cardiff University, The Biology of Psychological Disorders sits at the intersection psychology, psychiatry, biology and neuroscience. Aimed primarily at undergraduate psychology students, it is also of relevance to trainee psychiatrists as well as clinicians. written with the academic rigour and incisive approach of Professor David Linden, students are exposed to balanced accounts of biopsycholgical theory
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