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9781138803442 - Criminology: The Basics

Criminology: The Basics

Walklate, Sandra,

9781138803442 - Criminology: The Basics

ISBN/EAN 9781138803442

Druk 3

Criminology is a discipline that is constituted by its subject matter rather than being bound by an agreed set of concepts or way of thinking. This fully updated third edition of Criminology: The Basics is a lively and engaging guide to this compelling and complex subject. Topics covered include: * the history and development of criminology * myths about crime and offenders * the search for criminological explanation * victims of crime and state crime * crime prevention, cybercrime, and the future of crime control * criminology and intersectionality This edition also includes new sections on genocide, terrorism, cultural victimology, and Westo-centric thinking. Concise and accessible, this book utilises chapter summaries, exercise questions and lists of further reading to provide a perfect introduction to this subject.

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