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9781138811935 - A Beginner's Guide to Structural Equation Modeling

A Beginner's Guide to Structural Equation Modeling

Schumacker, Randall E.
9781138811935 - A Beginner's Guide to Structural Equation Modeling
ISBN/EAN 9781138811935
Druk 4
Considered the most comprehensive of the introductory guides to structural equation modeling (SEM), this accessible text prepares readers to conduct their own analysis and critique related research. The comprehensive review of both basic concepts and a wide variety of SEM model applications including multilevel modeling, mixture modeling, and Monte Carlo methods better prepares readers to apply SEM to a wider variety of research questions, including those with complex designs and measurement problems. Noted for its accessible, applied approach, examples are formulated to keep programming details and the use of algebra to a minimum to help readers more easily grasp the critical concepts and theories. The book also features a greater emphasis on statistical power and model validation than other texts, each chapter encompassing key concepts, a chapter overview, numerous examples from a variety of disciplines, tables and figures including path diagrams, a summary, and exercises to assist with conceptual understanding. The authors' thorough four step approach to modeling data is now introduced just prior to the individual chapters on the models and then applied to each model introduced in the book.
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