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9781319187606 - Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences

Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences

Baldi, Brigitte,

9781319187606 - Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences

ISBN/EAN 9781319187606

Druk 4

This remarkably engaging textbook is the perfect learning resource for undergraduate and postgraduate biology students studying statistics and data analysis. Part of the best-selling Moore family of statistics books, it covers essential statistical topics with examples and exercises drawn from across the field of life sciences, including disciplines such as nursing, public health, and allied health. Based on David Moore's classic The Basic Practice of Statistics, this textbook applies the bestseller's signature emphasis on statistical thinking to the world of life sciences, helping engage students and underlining how statistics can directly apply to the projects they're working on. This textbook will be available on SaplingPlus, a highly-intelligent online teaching and learning tool which will be available for statistics in Autumn 2018.

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