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9781420075625 - Forensic radiology

Forensic radiology

Thali, M.J.
9781420075625 - Forensic radiology
ISBN/EAN 9781420075625
Druk 2
The benchmark first edition of Forensic Radiology, published in 1998, was a milestone in the forensic community - a bestseller throughout the world and a standard reference for practitioners and educators alike. Like its predecessor, Brogdon's Forensic Radiology, Second Edition covers the entire scope of radiological applications in the forensic sciences, profiling current and anticipated uses of new modalities and techniques. Features: * Provides an introduction to forensic radiology, including historical perspectives and definitions used in the field * Offers instruction on trial preparation and effective courtroom testimony * Demonstrates the use of forensic radiology in identification of the dead * Explores the use of radiology to help in gunshot and abuse cases and in nonviolent crimes * Contains an entirely new section on virtual imaging and virtopsy * Examines technological and safety issues For radiologists, forensic scientists, forensic dentists, medical examiners, investigators, and attorneys Over the past twelve years, the fields of forensic science and radiology have developed considerably, necessitating a revision of this critical work. New Topics in this Edition include: * The radiologist as an expert witness * Modern cross-sectional imaging in anthropology * New approaches to radiology in mass casualty situations * The use of virtual imaging and virtopsy - new modalities developed and advanced since the publication of the last edition * Forensic and clinical usage of x-rays in body packing for drug smuggling * Imaging in the medical examiner's facility and in the field * Radiology of special objects, antiquities, and mummies
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