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How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching

Cowley, S.
ISBN/EAN 9781441140913
Druk 1
So youve finished your teacher training and found yourself a job ...the hard bit is over right? But, hold on, how do you actually survive your FIRST YEAR in teaching?! The NQT year is notoriously difficult and hard work. Challenges include meeting your new colleagues and making the right first impression, preparing and planning your lessons, managing the mountain of marking and most scary of all ...being in charge of a whole class by yourself for the first time! But dont panic - help is at hand from expert teacher and education writer Sue Cowley. In this new edition of her bestselling book, she supports new teachers through the stresses and strains, and the highs and lows of their first year in teaching. Shes there to guide you right from the start of day one, lesson one, with the acknowledgement that your stomach feels like lead and your mouth feels as dry as the Sahara desert. Shes there through each term advising on time-saving lesson plans, easy to implement behavior management tips and how to help children who have special educational needs.
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