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9781473707535 - Chemistry: Cengage Technology Edition

Chemistry: Cengage Technology Edition

Zumdahl, Steven S,
9781473707535 - Chemistry: Cengage Technology Edition
ISBN/EAN 9781473707535
Druk 9
This Cengage Technology Edition is the result of an innovative and collaborative development process. The textbook retains the hallmark approach of this respected text, whilst presenting the content in a print and digital hybrid that has been tailored to meet the rapidly developing demands of today's lecturers and students. This blended solution offers a streamlined textbook for greater accessibility and convenience, complemented by a bolstered online presence, for a truly multi-faceted learning experience. Now in its ninth edition, this market-leading text is well known for its solid pedagogy, and emphasis on using a thoughtful problem-solving approach as opposed to rote memorization learning. The extensive use of models, real-world applications, visual learning, and independent problem solving ensures that students are fully engaged as they learn. The range of critical thinking questions and computer-based interactive examples really help students to learn how to approach and solve chemical problems from a critical thinking perspective encouraging them to think like a chemist.
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