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9781785360091 - International Investment Law Text, Cases and Materials

International Investment Law Text, Cases and Materials

Nadakavukaren Schefer, Krista,

9781785360091 - International Investment Law Text, Cases and Materials

ISBN/EAN 9781785360091

Druk 2

This fully revised and updated edition of International Investment Law: Text, Cases and Materials remains a complete and concise guide to the law of international investment protection and continues to approach the subject in an intuitive and balanced manner. New to this edition: - updates to include numerous new cases - completely reworked sections on standards of treatment - new Q&A section to capture practitioner views. Key Features: * balance of cases and explanatory comment familiarises students with reading opinions and enables them to grasp the core concepts at stake * concise - suitable for one-semester course for non-specialists or as a first text for students who will take further specialised courses in the area * excerpts from the most influential arbitration decisions outline differing interpretations and ensure students don't learn in a theoretical vacuum * questions throughout encourage readers to come to their own opinions. This Textbook will be an invaluable teaching and learning tool for students of international investment law and other related disciplines.

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