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9789001861216 - Statistics in 20 steps

Statistics in 20 steps

Arie Buijs

9789001861216 - Statistics in 20 steps

ISBN/EAN 9789001861216

Druk 1

In twenty chapters Statistics in 20 steps provides you with basic knowledge and skills in statistics. This book offers a complete and comprehensive introduction in statistics.
Why Statistics in 20 steps?
- practise-based approach;
- few mathematical formulas;
- additional study materials available online.
Colleges and universities spend an increasing amount of time on ensuring that the quality of students' bachelor and master theses are up to standard. This practical and accessible book responds to this development. It meets the needs for a result-based introduction in the field. The contents of the various chapters can be covered during two hour learning modules. Theoretical information alternates with short questions, challenging you to actively think about the information offered. The book contains many exercises and cases and few mathematical formulas.
This book is the English edition of Statistiek in 20 stappen and is primarily written for hbo-students in the fields of business administration, accountancy, management and economics. It can, however, also be relevant for students in other fields of education. Statistics in 20 steps is also available as e-book.
Online extras
Additional practice materials, exercises and tests are available on www.statisticsin20steps.noordhoff.nl.

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