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9789001889234 - The basics of financial management exercises

The basics of financial management exercises

Boer, P. de
9789001889234 - The basics of financial management exercises
ISBN/EAN 9789001889234
Druk 3
For over 25 years, Basics of Financial Management has been the leading study book for businesseconomics students. A complete and successful basic method that is suitable for a heterogeneous group. The method is also suitable for students who have no prior knowledge of business economics. Basics of Financial Management comprises an introductory part: Businesses and their role in the economy, and the parts: Financing, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. With the exercise book and the interactive website, each student is able to work independently. Students are able to check their work using the elaborate answer book. In short: the ideal method for self-tuition with full digital support. This exercise book contains open questions, exercises and case studies related to the study book.
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