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9789079646425 - Cross-Cultural Business Skills

Cross-Cultural Business Skills

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

9789079646425 - Cross-Cultural Business Skills

ISBN/EAN 9789079646425

Druk 2

TXTBK (textbook) provides you with everything you need to successfully pass the 'Cross-Cultural Business Skills' (CCBS) elective course. Starting with a detailed outline of how to earn your credits, it than provides you with an overview of assignments and methodological approaches. It furthermore lists additional resources, explains guidelines for papers and projects, and their grading standards and procedures. Simply all you need! Besides, TXTBK presents important information on how to write effective academic texts in English, or how to use our CCBS A5-template in Microsoft Word. Naturally it contains all the required texts and readings, for both the Mid-term and Final Exams. Offering key cultural flashpoints for the national cultures of France, India and Singapore (Mid-term Exam). These are followed by separate chapters aimed at the Final Exam.

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